FLL Minions

Hi! We’re the FLL Minions!

We’re a veteran team with a number of seasons under our belt.

2016 is our 6th year as a team.

We just completed participating in the State tournament where we received 2 final judging callbacks (one for Robot Design and one for Project).  We won a Judges award (and trophy) for being a great all around team.

Throughout the 6 years, our team name and our team members have changed. We started in 2011 the team name of The Fireworks. In 2012, we were known as the FLL Squad. In 2013, we renamed the team to the FLL Minions and we have kept the name from that point forward.

Here are some pictures from past seasons.

2016 Animal Allies

Our solution for the 2016-2017 Animal Allies challenge is to build a beehive moisture board using a homasote material combined with silica gel beads. The silica gel beads will be placed in grooves in the homasote material.


As many of you know, Minnesota winters can be kind of harsh, especially harsh to beekeepers and their bees/hives. The drastic temperature variation during a Minnesota winter can wreak havoc on a beehive. When it gets cold and then warms up, moisture collects in the hive and gets on the bees. Once the bees are wet, they freeze and die when it gets colder out.

the prototype
recommended beehive setup

Meet the 2016 FLL Minions

2015 Trash Trek

This is the teams 5th year

Our solution for the 2015-2016 Trash Trek challenge is to persuade pizza companies to use reusable, recyclable pizza boxes.  Here is a link to our team’s website that gives more information about our project: http://fllminions.wix.com/fllminions

We had a successful year and learned a lot. Here are some of the highlights:

  • . We conducted a worldwide survey and had over 1600 responses.
  • We won the Project award at the North Branch Regional tournament.
  • We won the Core Values award at the Elk River Sectional tournament.
  • We received a Finalist call back for Core Values at the State tournament.

2014 World Class

This was the teams 4th year.

The team did well at Regionals and won the Project award

The Teams project solution was the “YES” application (Yellowstone Extreme Survival)

2013 Nature’s Fury

This was the teams 3rd year.

The team did well at Regionals and won the Head-To-Head competition.

The teams project solution was “Ultra Flood Shield”

2012 Senior Solutions

This was the teams 2nd year.

The team did well at the regional tournament where they won the Core Values award. The team advanced to the state tournament, where they got a “call back” on Core Values.

The team’s project was “The Openator 3000”.

2011 Food Factor

This was the teams first year and the team took the Project award at the regional tournament and advanced to the state tournament.

The teams project solution was on UHT milk and they used a skit titled “If you give a mouse a cookie” to present their solution.