The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back is a third year FTC team! This quality team consists of the small children Alex, Andrew, Anthony, Aspen, Ben, Grayson, Jackson, Joe, and Sara.  They all love each other quite dearly, and they’re SUPER PUMPED for their upcoming season of FTC!  They’ve already been obtaining sponsorships and brainstorming ideas!  Oh, we should probably introduce ourselves – Our names are Paul and Carl, and we are two llamas that this FTC team asked to code their website!  Because they are all super chill, we accepted wholeheartedly and have been coding their website ever since.  Aren’t we nice animals?  Anyway, enough about us, go and read what this awesome team can do!  We will continue to update this website as this team continues down the road to success!

If you would like to contact The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, please feel free to email them at!

They also have multiple social media sites!  They are listed as follows:

Twitter: @CatComesBack
Instagram: catcomesback10273
Snapchat: ftc-team10273
YouTube: FTC The Cat in the Hat Comes Back 

Check them out!

Hi!  This was their second FTC season, and they had so much fun competing at all of their tournaments.  Both Paul and I agree that it was so enjoyable to watch them!  Here are some pictures of those muffins at meetings, tournaments, and outreach events.

(Come on, you know you want to ‘-‘ )

This was their 2016-17 team.  They were all so darling.  Aw.

Jackson, Joe,

Anthony, Alex,

Aspen, Ben,

Sara, Andrew,

& Grayson

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back was a second year FTC team with a couple of rookie members.  They were so excited to have them!  Their team consisted of Alex, Andrew, Anthony, Aspen, Grayson, Jackson, Joe, and Sara.  They signed up for two regional tournaments; one in November and one in January.

In their November regional tournament, they performed very well.  They were the first pick of the third place alliance and were finalists in the PTC award and the Think Award.  This super team won the Connect Award and took third place for the Inspire Award – which meant a trip to state!  In addition, they submitted a video of our coach Dan and he won!  What else do you expect, such wonderful children need to have a wonderful coach, don’t you think?

Their January regional tournament also went well.  They were chosen for the 4th place alliance and they won the Rockwell-Collins award and the 3D printing award.  It was a great practice for their trip to the State tournament!

They were also are very pleased with their results for the State tournament.  They received callbacks for both outreach and 3D printing in judging, and they resubmitted the Compass award.  Although they did not win anything or move on, they now feel that they are properly ready for next year and are already brainstorming ideas – believe me, I’ve been watching them!

If you are excited to hear about this coming season, raise your hooves!  Or hands!  Well I have hooves.  Four of them.  And you can’t see them, but all four of them are going in the air right now.  Which means that I have to lay on my back, which is very uncomfortable.  But that just shows how excited I am to see how far they get this year!

-Carl Llama

Hi!  This was their first FTC season, and they had a blast!  Check out these awesome pics of them building, fundraising, programming, and just plain having fun!  This was back when they didn’t have very many of the wonderful little children that they now have.  But that didn’t make them any less adorable!

(Seriously, there really isn’t that many of them.  But they did a good job for a rookie team, don’t you think?)

This was their 2015-16 rookie season team!  They were so young, so beautiful.

Connor, Jackson,

Stone, Joe,

& Aspen

In their rookie year, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back took first place in Head-to-Head at their first tournament, and at their second tournament received the control award for their autonomous program.  They didn’t realize they were going to be competing at the second tournament, however, until a couple days before, so we llamas think that they did very well under the circumstances!

All in all, the team says that it was a really nice way to start their FTC journey, and were very grateful for the chance to compete!  Isn’t that just sweet?

-Paul Llama