JP2 Fireworks

We are happy that we have, Maria Jose, Katie, Michael, Joseph, and Gabe on the JP2 Fireworks! Maria Jose and Katie were on the JP2 Programmers team, most people from that team aged out except Katie and Maria Jose. This is Michael’s, Gabe’s and Joseph’s first year!!! This is going to be exciting!

We have been on 6 tours! Here are the tours we have been on!:

Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, We learned: That no one should swim in a lake or river for at least 1-2 days after it rains because storm runoff contains pollution that ends up in the water in higher concentrations.

Coon Rapids Dam, We learned: The Dam was rebuilt so many times.

Maple Grove Water Treatment Plant, We learned: The water Maple Grove gets from the aquifer is very clean and drinkable as is.

Elk River Waste Water Treatment Plant,  We learned: The Waste Water Treatment plant cleans water from the sewers before putting it back in the Mighty Muddy Mississippi River.

Eastman Nature Center, We learned: A big problem is garbage going into the ocean.

Heidi’s Growhaus, We learned: Rain Gardens help to clean the water before the water eventually drains in the river and it’s important to design the rain garden with the right soil, plants, and location.

All these tours have been super fun and we have learned a lot! We have been working on our skit, and some missions! It’s been fun!

This Years Challenge is: Hydro Dynamics

The Project Challenge is: How find, use, transport, and dispose of water. Sounds super cool! Right? 😉

The Robot Challenge is: This super awesome board that we are making a robot for to complete the missions on the board! We’ll have a picture soon of the board and our awesome robot! 😉

The Core Values Challenge is: are you ready? Okay here it is! We as a team get to solve problems working together. And have an awesomely fun time! 😉

Our Tournament is on December 10 at Park Center Senior High School. Here is a link to the Tournament:

We are also cohosting at the Just For Fun Tournament! It’s on November 10 at Rogers Middle School.